The vision of theME&MY is to bring comfort to children everywhere. We aim to (help adults) reinforce and teach (their) children that they belong, that they are valued, that their feelings and voices are important and matter, and that they are never alone. We want to give children something of their own, (a sense of ownership), that they can use to self-soothe on their own. And of course, to not only bring comfort, but imaginative play!


The world happens more than 5 feet above the ground. Look at most videos or pictures of children, and you’ll see their faces lifted up so they can see what is happening above them. Most adults don’t bend down to come to a child’s level. And everything is so big and adult sized, from the steps of a school bus to the benches at a park. It’s almost like children don’t fit ‘right’ in the world. theME&MY is all about the child. Recognizing their importance and worth and bringing the world down to their size. Bringing things down to their point of view. Taking the time and research to understand things from their perspective, their height. theME&MY is here to say to children “I see you. I hear you. I’m here for you. I believe you. And I believe in you.” This is one of the main reasons why we create SMALL products, they're sized just for the child.

As a kid, I felt mostly alone and afraid. I had a number of fears that adults couldn't understand. So I felt as though they didn’t see me or hear me. But I always had my blanky, my comfort object. It was always there. And when I was in tough situations facing my fears alone, I had my blanky to help remind me that I was ok. And I wasn’t alone. It gave me a confidence that I could keep myself safe, too. During my first hurricane when I thought the world was breaking and no one could explain what was happening, I had my blanky. However, I felt a lot of shame around my blanky. Truthfully, this is why I started theME&MY with a doll and monsters. I had wished in the past that my comfort object had been a doll because that seemed more socially acceptable. But at the end of the day, I am so incredible grateful for the woman (Ina) who gave me my blanky when I was born. She gave me a gift that has helped me through life. I want to share that.


I’ve also always felt like I could relate to children more than adults. When we witness a child tantrum-ing in the store, our initial reaction is usually to feel bad for the parent. But for me, before I think about the parent, I'm going to be feeling that child's pain, wondering how I can help make it better. I enjoy talking to children, and am told that I’m quite good at getting information out of them. I often know more about my nieces/nephews than their own parents! I like to try to see things from children's eyes, their perspective, so when I’m creating a comfort object, I’m thinking about them…not the actual person who is going to be paying for the doll/blanket, but the ones who will be playing with it. And because I have experience in comfort objects, through my own, I know the small (often, sensory) features that a child would like.  

If you have any comments and/or questions, I would love to hear them! You can contact me at info@project6nykids.com! Can't wait to hear from you!

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Chaya Rockford