Levana Pacifier Holder - Ivory

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Chaya Note's

In the book "You Belong Here" by M.H. Clark (available on our website), there's a page that says "The stars belong in the deep night sky and the moon belongs there, too, and the winds belong in each place they blow by and I belong here with you". I loved this quote so much, so I decided to capture the phrase in a pacifier holder. Let it be a message for your little one that no matter what, they belong here. 


Levana is a very soft furry stuffed moon comfort object. It's about 6" tall and has a ribbon loop, so you can attach your child's favorite toy or pacifier. Pictured is Levana paired with our Bib's Pacifier in Smoke

Washing Instructions: Machine wash in a cold, gentle cycle wash, best is to air dry, but you can also dry it in a tumble dry low cycle.

**Made to order. We aim to ship within 3 business days, however please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.**