Lulu Lovey - Rosewater/Ivory
Lulu Lovey - Rosewater/Ivory

Lulu Lovey - Rosewater/Ivory

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Chaya Note's

My comfort object was a blanket. I called her "Blanky". Blanky got me through some rough and scary times. I particularly remember my first hurricane. I couldn't be near my mom and dad all day and night long, but I remember having my blanky and feeling better with it.

I have this memory from when I was 7. I remember my mom's older friend telling me about how she had a blanky and how she loved to rub the fabric between her fingers. The memory stuck. So now, with my designs, I tend to incorporate sensory features. For example, Lulu Lovey is two layers of fabric so they can be "rubbed" against each other. There are also two areas that have ribbon as a sensory feature. 

My "Blanky" was given to me by a woman named "Ina". She was a family friend of my parents. I don't really know her but have often thought about what she gave me... something so much "bigger" than just a blanket. 

I hope I can give that to your child, too.


Lulu Lovey is an 8" square very soft lovey. Lulu has 2 ribbons coming out of the corner so she can be tied to a carseat or toy or pacifier or just as a sensory feature for kids to play with. She's perfect for babies who feel soothed by having something soft near their cheek or rubbed against their cheek.

As always, theMe&My is about bringing the world down to a child's size, so that means kid sized blankets! These are light enough for a baby to hold and play with!

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